Mission Statement

The Bean Improvement Cooperative – BIC is a voluntary and informal organization to effect the exchange of information and materials for the improvement of bean production worldwide. Members include scientists, students, private organizations and lay-people interested in our mission.


The President runs the BIC with assistance from a Coordinating Committee that meets every two years at the Biennial Meeting. In addition, three sub-committees provide input on matters related to specific topics. These include an Awards Committee, a Genetics Committee and a Local Organizing Committee that runs the biennial meeting. Membership in these committees is invited and a membership list is provided.

Dr. Phillip N. Miklas, BIC President
24106 North Bunn Road
Prosser WA 99350-8694
Tele: (509) 786-9258
FAX: (509) 786-9277
Email: phil.miklas@ars.usda.gov